Welcome to the Blue Box Parables – unveiling the one true Time Lord

This blog is dedicated to the amazing way that stories told in popular culture reveal so much about the reality of our existence, particularly in relation to our Creator.  Whether they are designed with this in mind or not, just about every narrative points to the goodness of God. When good and evil come head to head, when forces are at war between and within human beings, there is a larger story which shines through. This is a story of redemption, of a saviour who will rescue. As the title suggests, this blog will explore the way the truths of our creator God clearly shine through in the ongoing and brilliant story of the Time Lord in the blue box, the Doctor and the TARDIS (Doctor Who).
He’s not just a madman with a box who entertains children and adults alike. He is a clear picture of The Man who is outside time, who holds the turn of the universe in His hand, and must act on behalf of these strange little humans and save them. He can’t help himself!
What a clear picture of Jesus Christ (and His Father).
We intend to explore this link, episode by episode, of the new Doctor Who (21st century BBC production). It may take some time!

About sevennotesofgrace

The author musing here about music, grace and God goes by the name of Ros. I have a husband (married 24 yrs) and three daughters. I've been many things over the years, particularly a mother, high school teacher, church music director and women's ministry co-ordinator. Now I'm back to teaching high school English full-time. All these experiences have come to me from God's gracious hand, and each day I try to remember that! I live in a home among many gum trees in Brisbane Australia. Our extended family includes a white Maremma dog named Mia, two kittens, Simon and Catniss, and one chickens. Why “seven notes of grace”? The grace refers to God’s grace, which He offers to unworthy people like myself. We can freely receive His forgiveness and love. Music is another gracious gift to us: our ability to create, play, sing, communicate with and enjoy it. So the seven refers to the seven notes of the musical scale (yes there are seven, count them A to G) and the notes refers to writing (text and music) and musical notes. I was very relieved when this original blog title finally came to me, which encapsulates so many different aspects of who I am, a musical sinner saved by grace! http://sevennotesofgrace.com/

3 comments on “Welcome to the Blue Box Parables – unveiling the one true Time Lord

  1. Happy to be on board with you ….and the Doctor, Whoever he may be!

    • You can have the honour of writing the first blog if you like. Pick an episode – choose a category. (The only specific one I have in mind to write is about the first Eccleston Episode).

  2. You must do one about the weeping angels … If there is rejoicing in heaven over one who has been saved, then there must also be weeping!

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